Presentation Topics:

What topics would be beneficial at your school, home-school gathering, church, or other venue?

* What does God’s word say about discipline and how should it look in a school?
* What is neutrality and is any school neutral?
* What does the Bible say about disabilities, and how does that affect special education?
* What does the Bible say about learning and education?
* What goes on in public schools behind the scenes?
* Whose job is it to teach your children?
* What is character education, and who can teach it?
* Covey’s “7 Habits”? Or, “7 Commands” from the scriptures?
* Any topic constructed to meet your needs!

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A new spin on schools’ “7 Habits”

Today, many schools and other student-centered organizations have turned to The 7 Habits of Happy Kids as a teaching tool to mold children and structure school buildings. Often, the seven habits come within the larger spectrum of The Leader in Me, a book by Stephen R. Covey on how schools and parents can inspire greatness in children. What then do Christians teach our children? Consider seven biblical commands that we may teach our children to strive toward obedience to Christ.

Download the eBook here: 7 Commands